That Good May Become

a festival of initiative

We are happy to announce that the Films & Recordings from the Festival of Initiative are now available

This package is comprised of 8 high quality recordings; four Keynote Speakers, four Evening Performances
as well as Zoom recordings of five of the Working Together Groups from during the Festival.

Festival participants will have received instructions to access the recordings by email.
Please contact us if you have been missed. email registrar

Also, please consider purchasing the package for family and friends and anyone you believe would appreciate sharing what was created during the Festival of Initiative.

We truly appreciate your support and being able to share this festival expereience.


Tickets for the Performance Series are included in the registration for the main festival



To donate to the financial assistance fund for those who need support to attend please go to:

Then click on the drop down menu: Apply your donation to a fund set up by this charity
and then scroll way down and click on the last option for the Manitoba Festival.

Your donations are greatly appreciated.